centennialwkmar24 smYou’ve seen our Centennial motto, Spread the Joy!, and now we have a song extolling just that! Musician, songwriter and longtime CDSS member Jonathan Jensen, of Baltimore, sent us this lovely gift which we’re debuting today, the 2nd day of Celebration Week. Listen to it and read the sheet music below.

We hope you’ll sing it when you’re driving, grocery shopping, and walking. Sing it in the shower! Sing it at dances and festivals! Sing it with friends and family, and upload it to our Facebook page. Later this week we’ll be posting a video set to the song.

Spread the joy of dance, music and song—through song!


Spread the Joy, A special song composed for the CDSS Centennial by Jonathan Jensen, featuring singers/musicians Greg Artzner, John Devine, Steve Hickman, Jonathan Jensen, Terry Leonino, Paul Oorts, DeLaura Padovan, and Maren Padovan.


Sheet Music

Click here to download a PDF version.

MuseScore Spread The Joy