What We Believe: Robert Cox

robertcoxI take great joy in the encounter of each participant of the dance. It is so enjoyable to be with those that dance and the musicians that create the musical atmosphere for the dancers. I revel in being with ALL the participants; being in harmony while dancing. It is such fun to experience all the smiles, laughs, winks, surprises, stomps, screams of wild delight, and so much more.

My first exposure to American Folk dancing was at The University of Chicago Folk Festival, where on a whim, I attended a flatfooting workshop with Masha Goodman. Towards the end of the workshop, there was a square dance.


I paid attention to the announcement that there were dances every Monday. I went the next Monday, and have been hooked ever since. In my travels, I have never been more welcomed than at the Contra and Square dances that I have attended.