Welcome to the CDSS celebration of "Local Heroes!"

Who is a local hero?

These are people who quietly *make things happen* for everyone else. And we want to give every community in our dance/music/song universe the opportunity to recognize and thank them, publicly, with joyful gratitude. Let’s celebrate the contributions of the sound guy or gal! Let’s recognize the person who has been taking money at the door of the dance for the last 10 years! Let’s say thank you to the people who have been sweeping the floor before and after the dance, or setting up chairs for the concert series for--ever! Let’s give a big thumbs up to the person who rents the hall for your family dance, and pays the bills.

Your local hero can be anyone at all who you've noticed makes a difference to you or to your community. We're collecting your stories and sharing them on the CDSS Centennial Blog. To add your hero to the gallery, fill out this submission form and send us a photo:

OK, I’m ready to celebrate a Local Hero!

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