Local Heroes: Carol Barry and Kevin Barrett

Carol and Kevin copyOklahoma's contra and English dance organization, Scissortail Traditional Dance Society, would like to formally thank, with joyful gratitude, our long-term members, Carol Barry and Kevin Barrett, for their generous, consistent, and ongoing contributions to our dance community.

Carol started dancing with a local international folk dance group in 1984. Together with Noel Osborn, John Rapp, and Jean Hill, she helped to establish the first core group of contra dance callers in Oklahoma in the late 1980s. Carol also fell in love with ECD and started Oklahoma's first ECD group in 1998, which succeeded and has been meeting twice a month since around 2000. In 2006, she invited some local musicians to form an ECD ensemble for a special weekend event. This group soon evolved into a regional favorite, the Ladies at Play.

In 2008, Kevin and Carol organized the first ever ECD weekend in the region, inviting Bare Necessities to play, with Jacqueline Schwab calling. The weekend, called Set For Spring, has continued to thrive, and rotates each year between four regional hosts: Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Houston. The ECD dance organizations in the region have benefited greatly from this arrangement, taking turns hosting and visiting each other's communities in turn.

Kevin has served as treasurer on the board of STDS for the past 15 years. As treasurer, he established and maintained fiscal stability for STDS, establishing us as a CDSS affiliate, securing our 501-3c status, meeting our insurance requirements, and serving as registrar for weekend events. He also helped to secure and develop a beautiful venue in Oklahoma City.

Kevin and Carol, who originally met each other at a dance, have contributed immeasurably to the growth and development of our vibrant dance community. We are fortunate to have such enthusiasm, talent, and dedication!

     Submitted by Miranda Arana