Barbara DanielLocal Hero: Barbara Daniel

Barbara began coming to the dances around 2008. Soon after she began helping at the admissions table and joined the board. Her warm smile, vivacious personality, strong work ethic, and remarkable conversation skills helped revitalize the Phoenix dance community. As a board member, her indomitable spirit and high ethics make her invaluable as treasurer (2010-present). While collecting admissions, and speaking to people in the community, Barbara's passion for supporting and growing our contradance community translates readily into new and renewed memberships, returning dancers, and an eagerness to bring one's friends to the next dance.

Along with her husband, Brian, with his lively and playful dancing, these two helped reinvigorate our dance community. A shout out is in order for, Brian, too, for the many dishes and pots and pans that he has washed following our monthly potlucks. This community is MUCH richer on so many levels because of their presence and participation!

We can't thank them enough.

    - Submitted by Judy Zeidel