DC Square Dance CollectiveLocal Hero: DC Square Dance Collective

It started at a house party where they literally rolled back the rug and had a square dance. Then they decided to move it to a historic church in a rising part of downtown Washington, DC and publicize it through email and social media. Four years later, the DC Square Dance has become a legendary event. More or less kind of every month, the DC Square Dance Collective volunteers show up on a Saturday night, move a bunch of heavy wooden pews, set up recycled jar water glasses, and open up the hall to anywhere from 200 to 600 dancers, most of whom have never square danced, or at least not since middle school.

New as well as established callers preside with old time musicians from all over. It's a completely different scene and vibe from most any contra or square dance you will find anywhere else, drawing mostly younger, inexperienced dancers who arrive a little confused and skeptical and leave smiling and excited to have had such a good time in a welcoming community of dancers and musicians. This is what "spreading the joy" is all about.

    - Submitted by Joel Bluestein

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