Debby KnightLocal Hero: Debby Knight

Roaring Jelly, a "community" contra dance band that has been playing together in the Boston area since 1970, has been lucky to have Debby Knight as its musical director for longer than anyone can remember. (17 years) Debby has nurtured many new musicians, bringing her enthusiasm, encouragement and superb musicianship to the group. As a result, Roaring Jelly has greatly improved the quality of its ensemble playing and greatly expanded its repertoire. But more than that, Debby is always encouraging players to go beyond their assumed limits and work together on new and challenging tunes.

By the time NEFFA comes around, most players—and dancers—are amazed at the transformation that has taken place and what seemed impossible only a few months ago becomes a polished performance. So many musicians today owe their thanks to Debby and her inspirational encouragement. And Roaring Jelly itself owes its continuing vitality to Debby's unflagging confidence in its promise.

Thank you Debby for enriching all our lives.

    - Submitted by Terry Huffaker