DebKarlLocal Hero: Deb Karl

Our Boston Country Dance Society has just celebrated 100 years of dancing. My mother, Marjorie Laufman, danced with Louise Chapin in 1932, and I had the pleasure of also dancing with Louise, herself an early dance leader and local hero. We have had many local heroes over the years.

Our present local hero is Deb Karl, who has been on the job for 10 years. She tells me that without her trusty, hard-working helpers – Lise Foss, Roger Cleghorn and Christine Robb – her job could not be done so wonderfully well.

Deb is the person who arranges our venues, our Wednesday night refreshments, set up and clearing up. Without Deb there would be no annual Boston Playford Ball. In the summer months, we dance in a different and air-conditioned church hall and enjoy an ice cream social at the break, all engineered by Deb.

During the snowy winter of 2015, many dances were cancelled due to parking bans. Deb bravely approached the Town of Arlington and asked for parking until 10:00 pm after yet another storm and it was allowed. This is dedication.

All of this has been done cheerfully by Local Hero Deb Karl. Many, many thanks from all the dancers of Boston CDS to Deb, local hero supreme!

    - Submitted by Ann Mason