SusanStantonLocal Hero: Susan Stanton

Susan would not describe herself as a hero but the rest of us in Village Green know better. Since the late 1970s Susan has been an integral part of our organization. She has served in many capacities on the executive, has taught weekly classes and has spear headed many special projects. As a member of the teaching group Sue was responsible for developing an instructional video of ECD (long before the days of digital cameras) and was the driving force behind the publication of an Instructional manual.

Over the years we, as a group, have organized a number of fundraisers.....highlights include; two fashion shows, each covered medieval to early 1900s with English country dances from each major period being demonstrated and three auctions each organized for a specific purpose. Each event was spectacular and successful. Sue was a driving force behind all these events.

Currently she has taken up the task of spreading the word to the younger generation. It was her inspiration to hold 'family dances'. For the last three years we have organized 3 or 4 such dances every year. As well, her desire to promote English dancing to a broader community has led her to the idea of Village Green sponsoring other dance events. This fall Village Green is sponsoring an old time dance and a contra dance. We assist by providing sound equipment, dance expertise, publicity and acting as an umbrella to cover insurance costs. Our expectation is that several English dances be included in the program during the evening. As you can see, Sue is quite brilliant. She is exceptional at developing plans to ensure the continuation and growth of English dance in Winnipeg and fostering a strong sense of community.

Susan has given generously to many aspects of Village Green ... the everyday, ongoing organizational activities, special projects and teaching and calling. Thank you, Sue. Your leadership, dedication and hard work are amazing and greatly appreciated.

    - Submitted by The Village Green English Country Dance Board / Elizabeth Goossen