Steve SuhringLocal Hero: Steve Suhring

For the past 30 years (give or take...) Steve Suhring has been the lead fiddle for the best little dance in Williamsburg, VA, known around here as the "FOAM Dance." FOAM stands for "Friends of Appalachian Music." But for almost half that time, 14+ years now, Steve has also donated his time (he refuses compensation...) to what has become known as the "Open Band eXperience," or OBeX.

Steve started offering the OBeX a couple of times a year here in the Norfolk area in 2002, but soon enough it spread to Richmond and even as far away as Charlottesville, VA. The format is simple - if you want to play, come early, bring your instrument and have a seat, Steve will take it from there! You name it, we have had it, including (on separate occasions) a tuba and a home-made didgeridoo!

There has likely never been a total head count, but Steve has surely given hundreds of musicians - young, old, talented and not so much - the chance to experience the thrill of playing for a dance. For his commitment to the local dance community, and unequaled generosity with his time, he is our local hero!

    - Submitted by Ben Allbrandt