TaraBolkerLocal Hero: Tara Bolker

Hamilton, Ontario is the lucky community that celebrates Tara Bolker, Dance Queen. She is the dedicated organizer and regular caller for Hamilton English Country Dance, booking the dance space and hiring bands every Thursday. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the Hamilton Contra Dance community as well as the capable Manager/Producer of the Hamilton Open Band. She cofounded "Wolf at the Door", molly dancers out of Cambridge, Ontario.

She is an energetic dancer with "Cold Barn", a Morris group. She is the enterprising creator and administrator of the Facebook page "403 Dance Hub" which advertises and encourages dancers and dance events all over southern Ontario. She has efficiently organized several workshops and weekend events including the recruiting of out-of-town talent to call for both English and contra dancing and to provide coaching for budding musicians.

She recently taught folk dance at the Halton Waldorf School in Burlington, Ontario. She has planned and orchestrated many English Country Dance and Contra dance events frequently providing and serving all the food for the event. e.g.Extreme Heat Contredanse, Contra Dance Schoolhouse, Family Day Potluck and Barndance Fundraiser, Cupid's Hammer, New Year's Tea Dance, Winter Solstice Dance Party, Thanksgiving Cornucopia, among others.

Tara is talented, gracious, warm, inviting, encouraging and supportive of regular as well as new dancers, seasoned as well as new musicians and other callers. The Hamilton dance community is proud and grateful to have such a passionate advocate for dance.

    - Submitted by Gwen Harper