Elizabeth GoossenLocal Hero: Elizabeth Goossen

The Village Green English Dancers recognize our Elizabeth Goossen as a local hero. We're a group of dance devotées that dates its beginning from when we performed in the Folkways Concert in the mid 1970's. She helped build the group then and she has not stopped for 40 years – dancing, teaching, composing music, choreographing dances – she never stops!

After attending workshops in the US she came back and organized a band devoted to English Country Dance Music. Ever since we've luxuriated in live music at all our dance events. (She does have to be coaxed to include more of her personal compositions, and her first CD is available online. Just google her name.) Elizabeth has been an essential part of all our events: classes, workshops, balls and now family dances geared to the dance needs of children and their parents.

She's held almost every position on the executive and she's served on all our subcommittees. Elizabeth was the driving force in the production of a teaching video, a dance manual and a program for teacher development. After forty years her pace, her professionalism and her enthusiasm haven't slowed. If anything they are growing stronger. We have always known who's the "prime instigator," who's the "brains behind the operation," and who's the "guru on the mountaintop."

The expressions of our gratitude can be limited only by our reluctance to be repetitive. She's a guide, an inspiration, a mentor, an exemplar, a champion, a luminary, a genius, and everything else we could ever want in a true, true, true hero.

    - Submitted by the Village Green Board / Sue Stanton