MarthaOwenDavidLidenLocal Heroes: Martha Owen and David Liden

Martha and David have been at the heart of Brasstown's music and dance community for longer than most of us can remember. As musicians they have played for dances (often with little or no remuneration) in many different bands including Swinging On A Gate, the Dog Branch Cats and a family band with their three children, Annie Fain, Emolyn and Lindsey.

Martha is one of the founding members of the Rural Felicity Garland Dancers, Stix in the Mud Border Morris, Dames Rocket Northwest Clog Morris and Black Sox Rapper. She still dances with all the teams and serves as squire and foreman of Stix in the Mud and Black Sox.

David plays fiddle and accordion for all the sides and has been instrumental in helping organize several trips to England. They have donated numerous hours of time and talent, not just playing for dances, but performing traditional music at the John C. Campbell Folk School, local churches, schools and community groups.

Their energy, enthusiasm and leadership has been central to the development of music and dance as valued social activities in our rural community in the mountains of North Carolina.

    - Submitted by Bob Dalsemer