VeronicaLaneLocal Hero: Veronica Lane

Veronica started a regular Friday English Country Dance group at her house in 2012 after she put an addition on her house to accommodate such action. That in itself is awesome. Veronica and her husband, Ted have been wonderful musicians playing for many of our dances since 2002. They continue to play for the dances at many special events. And, Veronica has moved forward to calling, teaching and keeping us inspired and challenged with her excellent choices of dances and clear teaching. She has an excellent knack with calling and teaching the dances to inspire us all to be better dancers and continue to have fun.

She definitely works diligently to have a successful dance group in Jacksonville. I can't say enough about how special Veronica has been for the local dance community and the SE dance community. It takes tremendous amount of work, enthusiasm, foresight and willingness to be occasionally frustrated by the experience of trying to rein in a group of dancers. Thanks Veronica for all you do!!

    - Submitted by Meredith Munsey