Celebrate, Connect and Continue

Rima Dael, CDSS Executive Director

Rima Dael headshotI want to start this historical year with sharing my gratitude. Thank you to the founders and early supporters, the directors, committees, and governing bodies over the years; the members, donors, participants in our camps and conferences, the volunteers, and the staff, all past and present. CDSS is here today because of the hard work and passionate support of the many individuals and groups who believe deeply in the transformative nature of participatory dance, music and song. Thank you for bringing us to today!

Our Centennial this year presents us with opportunities to celebrate dance, music and song; to connect individuals and communities who have not been connected to us or each other before; and to continue to steward and preserve our living history in the coming years. 2015 will be a time to plan for our future, to fundraise, to talk together and share ideas, and to increase our resources to be adaptive and resilient for whatever that future may bring.

Our job today is to answer the question: How do traditional participatory dance, music and song communities thrive in our rapidly changing environments? Some communities need more help than others and different communities need different kinds of help. CDSS’s core programs and services have not changed, but we want to be sure too that what we offer helps communities to thrive.

New offerings this year include the CDSS Centennial Tour which we intend to replicate as a community residency program every other year. We have new publications in the works, a new website, and another organizers conference. There will be additional ways to connect with CDSS—Passport to Joy, Story Project, and Local Heroes, CDSS Regional Volunteers, and the CDSS Forum. We are also just an email or phone call away to help answer questions, find resources, and to listen to your feedback. Call — 413-204-5467 x 100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Let us embrace this Centennial year by spreading joy! Let us celebrate, connect and continue to build communities through dance, music and song. Let us build a strong and resilient future together.

Welcome to our Centennial year and to our future.