Jim Kitch wrote this dance to mark the 100th birthday of CDSS. (Photo by Kevin Riggs)

Centurians: An English-American (or American-English) Country Dance

by Jim Kitch

Duple Improper

A1    Mad Robin (clockwise, thru new neighbors)
        Half-poussette (clockwise, with partner, women go forward)

A2    "Merge" poussettes so that men can pass by left shoulder
        Half hey (men left, partner right, women left)
        Swing neighbors

B1     Circle left 3/4 and swing partners

B2    Pass to a wave, balance
        Women left hand turn halfway
        All turn neighbors by right hand all the way (and move straight forward into the Mad Robin with new neighbors)

Written to mark the 100th Birthday of the Country Dance & Song Society. Written on March 23, 2015, the actual anniversary; first called on March 26, 2015, in Philadelphia.