Jim Kitch wrote this dance to mark the 100th birthday of CDSS. (Photo by Kevin Riggs)

The awesome Dave Wiesler wrote some CDSS lyrics to a well known tune by the Village People. They are presented here along with two videos of the event as it unfolded at 2015 Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge. Sing along!

We are honored that Philippe Callens wrote an English country dance for CDSS's hundredth anniversary called The Centennial, which Jonathan Jensen set to music.

From Mary Alice Amidon: "This is a song I wrote and performed at family gathering at Pinewoods Family Week last summer (2014). The tune is by Pete Sutherland as are the chorus lyrics. I wrote the lyrics of the verses and substituted the word "Pinewoods" in the chorus of his song Bird's Eye View which was written about Swanton, Vt." 

Credits: Mary Alice Amidon singing, Keith Murphy on mandolin. Photo by Stu Shapiro.

Hands four! Rick Mohr wrote a lively new contra, called “Centennial Reel,” to help us celebrate our Centennial. It’s a superb and thoughtful mix of old and new figures, and a exuberant example of contra’s past, its evolution, and its continuing appeal. Gather your friends together and line up for a contra!


Gary Roodman has written a dance to celebrate the CDSS Centennial set to a new tune by Dave Wiesler. They are, in a word, delightful. Gary’s taken a classic approach to the dance, using much-loved figures, and adding a charming twist. “Double Jubilee,” danced to Dave’s tune, becomes a joy-filled and rejoicing experience, in the best tradition of English country dance.


Here's our Centennial song, Spread the Joy, composed by Jonathan Jensen, in a video version by caller and CDSS Education Associate Mary Wesley. As the song sings of the many activities that CDSS promotes, Mary’s video illustrates them in numerous photos, with both the song and the pictures shining a light on the joy of what we love, and what we’re celebrating this year.

Photographers' work featured in the video: Adam Brown, Arthur Ferguson, Barbara Dyskant, Barbara Gorin, Dale Preston, Daniel Friedman, David Green, Deb Brunt, Denise Kania, Denise Smith, Dennis Wise, Doug Plummer, Emily Rush, Erin Nolan, Georges Nashan, Greg Rohde, Jeff Bary, Joel Bluestein, Kevin Riggs, Laurie Wragg, Michael Siemon, Rachel Winslow, Ralph Canapa, Roger H. Katz, Ryan Carollo, Sarah Strong, Sargon de Jesus, Sue Stryker, Stewart Dean, Sue Michiels, Trish Finn, Val Van Meier.