When we sat down to create the application for the Centennial Tour, we had a vision of what we could accomplish:  master teachers, invigorated and validated communities, crucial support and guidance, culminating in joyful collaboration. Little did we know, then, how deep this journey of creation would be and how challenging for both us, and for the communities we eventually chose.

I talked last week with Nils Fredland, the Tour Manager, as he was getting ready for another day of co-teaching high school students and teachers, with Louie Cromartie, in Owen Sound, Ontario. He was exhausted and excited, full of stories about the opening day events in this small north Ontario town, with the assistant Mayor, the president of the regional folk organization, and 80 dancers, getting to know Fiddlefern Country Dancers for the first time! Of crossing the border into Canada and treating the border guard to some square dance calls, and of this past weekend when he experienced a full, and incredibly satisfying day in Phoenix including watching a back-packer wander into the dance hall, and in the space of a few hours of contra dancing, become a member of CDSS, make a commitment to join the Phoenix Board, and be immersed in our joyful activity. Life-changing indeed!

The Tours in Arizona (Tucson, Phoenix, and Prescott) and Owen Sound are now over. We have collected photos for this slideshow to give you a quick overview, and are working on the longer story for presentation soon on cdss100.org.

~ Pat MacPherson, Director of Education