During our Centennial in 2015, CDSS has selected six communities as stops on our Centennial Tour. We will be sending out some of the best workshop leaders in the business — who also happen to be some of the best performers — to communities across the United States and Canada for a stay four to seven days. We want to bring the expertise and experience from our residential camps right to your doorstep.

The mission of the CDSS Centennial Tour is to educate, empower, serve, celebrate, and foster growth: highly-skilled workshop leaders will come to your community, and lead focused workshops and master classes for local participants, performers, leaders, and organizers; CDSS will partner with the selected communities to ensure that the workshops provided meet the specific needs of the visited community; CDSS will provide financial backing to put on large, public dance and song events; workshop participants will have the opportunity to join with their workshop leaders to play/sing/call at these public events. You'll work on skills during the day, and you'll celebrate — in the form of dances, sings, music jams, and parties — at night.

Our ultimate goals are to boost enthusiasm for dance, music, and song in your community, help to increase the skills and confidence of your local performers, and offer you concrete ways to bring new energy to your local events, brainstorming ideas to help you sustain that energy. We want to leave you feeling inspired and ready for the journey to your own community's 100th year, and we intend to stay with you on that journey, following up to make sure that the lasting effects of the Centennial Tour stop are positive and sustainable.