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How do I get a Passport to Joy?

All current members and anyone who joins by the end of 2015 will receive a Passport. If you’re not a current member, you can join or reinstate here.

If I become a member now, can I get stickers for past events that I’ve attended?

Yes, you can work that out with the series/event organizers.

We have a Family membership. Do both of us get a Passport?


Where is the list of Passport to Joy destinations?

You'll find the list here... locations are being added daily!

What kinds of events can be Passport destinations?

Any dance, music or song event related to CDSS’s one-hundred-year history.

Genres could include:

  • contra dances
  • English country dances
  • square dances
  • family and community dances
  • pub sings
  • song swaps
  • shape note singing
  • gatherings of organizers, callers, musicians, or educators involved in these participatory arts

Events could include:

  • ongoing series
  • one-day events
  • weekends
  • balls
  • ales
  • camps
  • concerts/shows
  • festivals
  • conferences
  • workshop

What does my group have to do to become a Passport destination?

Contact CDSS and say, “We want to be a Passport destination!” The best way to do this is to send an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the word “Passport” in the subject line. For more details, keep reading.

Is this only for CDSS Group Affiliates?

No, but contact us if you are interested in becoming a CDSS Group Affiliate!

We don’t have a logo, per se. What should we do?

You can send us your info without a logo, and we’ll make text only stickers for you. Or, this could be your impetus to have one of your artistic members design one for you!

To receive your stickers, send us:

  • NAME, LOCATION, DATE, and URL (if any) of your series/event
  • event/series LOGO
  • NUMBER of stickers that we should send you (if more than 63)
  • appropriate mailing ADDRESS

Our group organizes multiple series and special events throughout the year. How many different stickers can we get?

You should provide one sticker design for each “series,” and one for each special event. We define a “series” as a regularly repeating dance, music or song event with a distinct organizational identity.

The idea is that Passport holders will get one and only one unique sticker for every event they attend, so you’ll need to provide a separate sticker design (or name) for each individual event.

For ideal efficiency on our end, we’d appreciate your sending all your requests at the same time, but if that’s not feasible we can accommodate you.

What about regular weekly/monthly series – do you get a sticker every time you go?

Nope, that’s cheating ;). One sticker per series.

How many stickers can we have, and how do we get them?

Stickers come 63 to a page. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will send one page of each design you provide.

For the logo: please send a digital image such as a pdf or a jpg. Note that it will be reduced to fit on a 1” sticker, so it should be sharp and of fairly high resolution.

Email this information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., putting “Passport” in the subject line.

Stickers: color, or black & white?

Whatever you send us! :)

Can’t we just print the stickers ourselves?

If you mean, can we help save CDSS some money by printing the stickers ourselves, sure, that would be great! Please go ahead and send us the logo design anyway so we can have a record of it, and we’ll send you the file of stickers to print at your end – and thanks!